Below are articles written by Nancy Alfano on Paperweights as an artform. 

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When was glass first made? This question has been debated among authorities for many years. Glass beads have been excavated from a cemetery of the Third Dynasty of UR (2450 B.C.) leading scientists and researchers to believe that glass had its origins in Asia Minor...


A Dream Come True - Jim Browns Meteoric Rise To Fame

How many of us have dreamed of changing course in mid stream, of fulfilling our inner most desires to allow our creativity to come bursting out and of expressing ourselves in ways never before imagined.  For most of us this is just a pleasant thought, just a daydream.  But Jim Brown took this dream and made it a reality.....


Damon MacKnaught -Pursuit of Perfection 

Every once in a while paperweight collectors get a big surprise, a new artist arrives on the scene. Damon MacKnaught is an intriguing young man with an engaging smile and is taking over the ancient art of Millefiori making... 

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Cathy Richardson -

An Environmentalist

 Interprets Nature

Cathy Richardson began her affair with nature not as an artist but as an academic focusing on geology. It is no wonder that one of her strong suits is rocks. Cathy has often said "I used to study rocks and now I make rocks"...